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Real Time

The cost effective real time tracking of mobile assets and lone workers is becoming an increasingly critical function in supporting an organization's operational activities.

To address this challenge Vivasoft has taken advantage of the latest IOT technology and developed the Vivasoft Real-Time Location System, VSRLS. This solution, which integrates with Vivasoft's cloud based Enterprise Asset Management System VivaTrak, delivers the ability to real time track an organization's expensive mobile assets and workforce.

VSRLS and VivaTrak address the key processes of Issuing & Check Ins, Tracking & Panic Alerts, Servicing, Lost & Found, Auditing and Disposal.

The VSRLS solution includes Vivasoft's iBeacons and the Vivasoft Gateway, VSG, the world’s most cost effective and technically advanced iBeacons Gateway in today's market place - a technology developed by Vivasoft.

VSG supports VSRLS in the real time tracking of assets and people but does so while transmitting up to 99% less iBeacon data, via WiFi, than other iBeacon gateways. This has the significant benefit of delivering a huge reduction in the Network and Database Server resource required in performing this enterprise wide critical operation.

Real time tracking of in house assets can be represented with the use of a visual mapping interface using location floor drawings. As well as tracking devices, VSRLS is used for workforce tracking within locations where tracking is difficult using standard technologies.

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